These Essex Pigs Really Do Fly!

2014 12 These Essex Pigs

Proving that the impossible can be achieved in Essex, pigs from Wicks Manor Farm in Tolleshunt Major, near Maldon, really are flying!

Processed as sausages and other added value pork products to award-winning recipes, regular consignments are winging their way to Hong Kong, Shanghai and other, far-flung corners of the world where British ex-pats, yearn for the distinctive taste of home.

The farming, pig breeding and food processing company sells its award-winning burgers, bacon, ham, gammon and pulled pork in the UK through Eastern region supermarkets, plus farm shops nationally and to restaurants.

“Ex-pats are loving our quality and we are delighted to be delivering pleasure to customers in distant lands,” said Wicks Manor farming partner, Fergus Howie.

Wicks Farm developed its award winning products in collaboration with another Essex comp any, third generation flavours house, Unbar Rothon.

Based in Billericay, Unbar Rothon provided an innovative, fast response service to support Wicks Farm new product development projects.

“Unbar Rothon has been fantastic to work with and its flavours are of the highest quality,” said Mr. Howie.