Quality Flavourings Launched for Quality Butchers

     Quality Flavourings Launched 180913

            An exciting new selection of premium quality seasonings and marinades, targeted exclusively at top end butchers for their own use, has been launched by one of the UK’s leading flavouring houses.


Called Butchers Pride, it has been developed over months and widely tested and is skilfully crafted by Unbar Rothon, a multi generation British family business which has been manufacturing food ingredients in the UK for nearly 100 years.


Presented in see-through plastic jars, the bright colours of the mixes make for attractive in-store displays.  The seasonings are also batch packed in plastic bags – with or without rusk – and in buckets.


Early test market reports suggest the marinades will be the fastest sellers with Chinese Emperor and TT BBQ the most popular.  Other flavours are: Indian Summer, Piri Piri Fusion, Muay Thai and The Mint.


The specially developed seasonings have been produced for beef, pork and lamb burgers and the gourmet beef variant features a balance of onion and leek whilst the pork flavouring includes Granny Smith apple.


Four sausage flavours complete the range.  They are Lincolnshire Poacher, Cumberland Gamekeeper, Pepper Pinch and Signature.


Lincolnshire and Cumberland have to-date proved most popular with customers and all four have generated repeat business.



“Both the marinades and the seasonings give butchers a chance to add theatre to their customers in-store experience because the products can be demonstrated whilst customers watch and their quality and exclusivity explained at the same time,” said Richard Rothon, general manager of Unbar Rothon.


The company has expanded into the top quality butchers’ market after one of its manufacturing customers won 16 quality and innovation awards for fully cooked sausages and meat balls in three years whilst exclusively using Unbar Rothon seasonings.


The new products will be sold through independent wholesalers and to-date two have been appointed including Foodpac Technology in Suffolk.  More are required.