Putting a Whole New Taste into Meat


WITH the demand growing by consumers and retailers for an even greater variety of taste and even more choice in meat products, flavourings specialists Unbar Rothon have introduced a whole new range of marinades and coatings. The aim is to meet the challenge set by retailers and meat product manufacturers for something new and exciting.

Instant marinades and Glazes
Instant marinades and Glazes


The marinades which include everything from Portuguese piri piri to lemon pepper cover a complete spectrum of demand in the food industry for a greater range of opportunity in marketing the products of food manufacturers.

The range is aimed specifically at manufacturers who, in their constant search to add value to meat, have asked for new products that can be easily adapted for glazes, marinades and coatings.

Colin Mossman who heads the firm’s technical sales team said: “The coatings are particularly useful in that they can be added in dry form or by adding water and vegetable oil as a wet marinade, or mixed into a sauce. We are always happy to listen to our customers’ requests or new ideas.”


“The entire coatings range is versatile, practical and easy to use in that they can be either mixed into a sauce or made into a wet marinade by adding water and oil or, simply added in dry form. We are always happy to listen to our customers and development to there specific needs.”


Unbar Rothon claim that with the extensive facilities available at their Essex laboratories and 85 years experience they can create tailor-made products to meet the manufacturers’ personal requirements.

The list of marinades easily available or adaptable to customers’ requirements include barbecue marinade, Portuguese Piri Piri or hot piri piri, Oriental/American? spare rib, Oriental sweet and sour, garden mint, green Thai, Moroccan, Chinese, Italian, Cajun, tikka and lemon pepper.