Available as whole chilli, chopped chilli,ground chilli, crushed chilli, chilli flakes, freeze dried chilli or chilli powder.
Chilli varieties available include Cayenne Chilli, Chipotle Chilli , Santa Cruz Chilli and Jalapeno Chilli.
Various countries of origin are available including Malawi Chilli, South American Chilli, or Indian Chilli.
Chilli is also known as Chili, Chili, Chilli Pepper or the latin names.
Latin names for different Chilli from the Capsicum cultivars include Capsicum annuum, Capsicum chinense, Capsicum frutesens and many more.
All our chilli ingredients are tested certified from illegal dyes by UKAS accedited laboratories and are covered by the VALID IT scheme.
Chilli should not to be confused with Chilli Powders which are blends of ground chilli peppers with other spices.