• Basil

    Available as Rubbed Basil or ground Basil.
    Different types of Basil are referred to as Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Holy Basil and African Blue.
    Generally Basils are either Mediterranean or Asian in character.
    Basil is also known as tulsi, or Ocimum basilicum.

  • Bay

    Available as whole bay leaves, kibbled bay leaves, and ground bay.
    Bay leaves are also known as the aromatic leaves from the Bay Laurel or Laurus nobilis.
    Bay leaf should not be confused with malabathrum leaf, Indian bay leaf, Calaforina bay leaf, Indonesian bay leaf or Indonesia Laurel.  of similar appearance. All of these have similat appearance but different flavour properties.

  • Chervil

    Available as rubbed chervil.
    Chervil is also known as Garden chervil, Gourmet’s Parsley or Anthriscus cerefolium.
    Chervil leaf (herb) should not be confused with root chervil.

  • Chives

    Available as ground chive, chive flakes and chive rolls.
    Chives are also known as cive or Allium schoenoprasum.
    Chives should not be confused with Chinese Chives, Garlic Chives, or Oriental Chives.

  • Coriander Leaves / Cillantro

    Available as in as ground cillantro.
    Cillantro is also known as coriander leaf, Chinese Parsley, Cilantro, or the leaves of Coriandrum sativa.
    Cillantro should not to be confused with Coriander Seed (also available).

  • Dill Weed

    Dill is available as cut dill weed.
    Dill weed is also known as Dill leaf or Anethum graveolens.
    Dill weed should not be confused with the spice, dill seed.

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    Available as garlic powder, garlic granules, minced garlic or chopped garlic.
    Garlic is also known as Allium sativum.
    Black Garlic is a product of fermenting garlic.

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    Available as rubbed marjoram or ground marjoram.
    Marjoram is also known as majorane, or Origanum majorana.
    Other  varieties in the Origanum genus include Oregano, Pot Marjoram, and Hardy Marjoram.

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    Mint / Peppermint

    Available as rubbed mint or ground mint.
    Mint without further specification is taken to mean spearmint.
    Peppermint is also known as Pepper Mint or Mentha piperita.
    Peppermint should not be confused with Spearmint.

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    Mint / Spearmint

    Available as rubbed mint or ground mint.
    Mint can refers to a wide range of mints, but without specification is taken to mean spearmint.
    Spearmint is also known as Spear Mint or Mentha spicata.
    Spearmint should not be confused with Peppermint.

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    Available as Rubbed Oregano, or Ground Oregano.
    Oregano is also known as ‘pizza herb’ or Origanum vulgare.
    Popular Oregano sub species include Italian Oregano, Greek Oregano, and Turkish Oregano.
    Oregano should not be confused for Marjoram.

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    Parsley Leaf

    Available as rubbed parsley or ground parsley.
    Parsley is also known as Garden Parsley, curly leaf Parsley, flat leaf parsley, Italian Parsley or Petroselinum crispum.
    Parsley leaf should not be confused for Root Parsley.

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    Available as Ground Rosemary, chopped rosemary, or rosemary sprigs.
    Rosemary is also known as Rosmarinus officinalis.

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    Available as Ground Sage or Rubbed Sage.
    Sage is also known as Garden sage, Common sage, Kitchen sage, True sage, Culinary sage, Dalmatian sage, and Broadleaf sage.
    Sage is also known by its Latin name Salvia officinalis.

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    Available as Rubbed Tarragon or Ground Tarragon.
    Tarragon is also known as dragon herb, dragon’s wort or Artemisia dracunculus.
    Tarragon varieties include Russian Tarragon or French Tarragon.

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    Available as Ground Thyme, or Rubbed Thyme.
    Thyme is also known as za’atar, common thyme, or Thymus vulgaris.
    Thyme should not be confused with Citrus Thyme or Lemon Thyme.