Dried Fruits

  • Apple Pieces

    Available in different cut sizes.
    Granny Smith Apple and Bramley Apple pieces available.

  • Apricot Pieces

    Available as dried apricot pieces.
    Apricot is also known as cultivar of Prunus species.

  • Dried Cranberries

    Available as dried cranberries.
    Cranberries are also known as the cultivar of Vaccinium species.

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    Juniper Berries

    Available as chopped juniper berries and ground juniper berries.
    Juniper berry is also known as the fruits of Juniperus communis.
    Other juniper species grow edible berries.

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    Lemon Peel

    Available as lemon peel fine cut or thick cut.
    Lemon Peel is also known as Lemon zest, citrus peel, or the flavedo and albedo of lemons.