Artificial Colours


We are flexible on the packaging materials, pack weights, and delivery timings to meet your requirements. Unbar Rothon ingredients are supplied and manufactured from our accredited premises in Essex, near to London. Unbar Rothon ingredients are supplied throughout the United Kingdom, with in-house vehicles delivering to local customers in London, East Anglia and the South East. We also export to our international customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Spices are supplied in accordance with our accreditations by the BRC Global Food Standard, including HACCP, and the BSI ISO 9001 Standard for quality management systems. Certified organic spices are available under licence from the Soil Association. Certified Kosher spices are also available. Relevant spices are covered by the VALID IT scheme for spices. A list of spices now follows for your interest. Please contact our sales team for further details and to discuss your exact flavour needs.

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    Allura Red AC

    Available as Allura Red AC Powder, Allura Red AC Solution, Red 40 Lake or Red 40 Lake Solution.
    Allura Red AC is also known as E129, C.I. 16035, FD&C Red Number 40 or FD&C Red 40.

  • Amaranth

    Available as Amaranth Powder, Amaranth Solution, Amaranth Lake or Amaranth Lake Solution.
    Amaranth is also known as E123, C.I. 16185, C.I. 16185:1.

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    Black PN

    Available as Black PN Powder or Black PN Solution. Black PN is also known as
    E151 or C.I. 28440.

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    Brilliant Blue FCF

    Available as Brilliant Blue FCF Powder, Brilliant Blue FCF Solution, Blue 1 Lake or 
    Blue 1 Lake Solution. Brilliant Blue FCF is also known as E133 or C.I. 42090,
    C.I. 42090:2, FD&C Blue Number 1 or FD& C Blue 1.

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    Brown HT

    Available as Brown HT Powder or Brown HT Solution. Brown HT is also known as
    E155 or C.I. 20285.

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    Available as Carmoisine Powder, Carmoisine Solution, Carmoisine Lake or Carmoisine Lake Solution.
    Carmoisine is also known as E122, C.I. 14720 or C.I. 14720:1.

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    Available as Erythrosine Powder, Erythrosine Solution, Erythrosine Lake or Erythrosine Lake Solution.
    Erythrosine is also known as E127, C.I. 45430, C.I. 45430:1, FD&C Red Number 3 or FD&C Red 3. 

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    Green S

    Available as Green S Powder or Green S Solution. Green S is also known as
    E142 or C.I. 44090.

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    Indigo Carmine

    Available as Indigo Carmine Powder. Indigo Carmine Solution, Indigo Carmine Lake or
    Indigo Carmine Lake Solution. Indigo Carmine is also known as E132 or C.I. 73015, FD&C 
    Blue Number 2 or FD&C Blue 2.

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    Patent Blue V

    Available as Patent Blue V Powder or Patent Blue V Solution.
    Patent Blue V is also known as E131 or C.I. 42051.