Sausages sucesses with premium seasonings

One of the UK’s leading flavours houses has helped three sausage makers to achieve success in annual competitions. Serial winners Solent Butchers collected a Magnificent Seven BPex awards after collaborating with Essex-based family seasoning’s company Unbar Rothon on an expanded range of sausages.

Three of the awards were gold – for the best innovative sausage and for both speciality and traditional pork sausages. Silver certificates went to two healthy eating pork sausages and for traditional Cumberland and Lincolnshire sausages.

Further joint development is now taking place, based on Unbar’s new premium Butchers Pride range of seasonings, as Portsmouth-based Solent seeks to produce even better bangers.

Managing director Mark Cristofoli said his company’s five years association with Unbar had helped Solent expand its business with quality products in both the profit and cost sectors of food service.

“Unbar has helped us give our customers what they want and in doing so we have developed unique sausages which are our own,” he said.

Principally in the BPex competitions, the flavours house saw one of its leading manufacturing customers collect seven awards – four of them gold.

Unbar general manager Richard Rothon has also celebrated the success of another customer in winning “Britain’s Best Sausage” competition.