Hot Profits with Halloween Flavours

Seasonings specialist Unbar Rothon is turning Halloween into a special celebration with a selection of awesome sausage flavours with fun inclusions so would be witches and warlocks can tastily enhance their wicked revels.

Top of the list of trick or treat sausage specials is Vampire Slayer – pungent garlic and aromatic herbs presented atop a seasonings background of black pepper and green bell peppers.

Blood red ingredients tomato, paprika, red peppers and chilli combine to create Dracula’s Bite whilst the witches brew is a green confection of spinach, bell peppers, parsley and dill.

Daringly hot Satan’s Kiss is loads of chilli enhanced with black onion seeds and garlic whilst Zombie Dance delivers the creole vibe with Cajun spices and a smoky top note.

“These exclusive flavours will enable butchers to add excitement to this festive occasion and new customers will be attracted by these exciting ideas,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon.