Flavour Expertise Leads to Award Winning Products

How Unbar Rothon has helped one leading meat products manufacturer to pursue a highly successful product development programme.

An adventurous approach to developing new flavour profiles has resulted in a stream of awards over the last 18 months for Snowbird Foods. A series of quarterly meetings between Unbar Rothon and Snowbird product development team has enabled new-use flavours to be introduced, mistakes to be avoided and fresh ideas to be explored. Said Snowbird sales director Roy Anderson: “We at Snowbird have become adept at using flavours thanks to the close relationship with Unbar Rothon. The team there is expert at creating the flavours we need and have been doing so since this company was created.” Among numerous awards, Snowbird has won two British Pig Executive (BPex) Awards for foodservice sausages; a win in the British Turkey Federation’s awards for The Best Innovative Product of the Year with Turkey Tuckers (balls of turkey breast and leg meat with unusual flavour profiles); and the British Frozen Food Federation, Best New Starter/Buffet/Appetiser category with Moroccan Chicken Meat Balls. “Both sides have worked to make this relationship closer and enable us to better utilise the expertise available”, continued Mr. Anderson. “We want the best brains working to make snowbird products better. The result for us is better quality products. We make sausages and meat balls, while Unbar Rothon also works in other market sectors so their breadth of vision is wider than ours. We are keen to take advantage of that and learn from them.” At Unbar Rothon, general manager Richard Rothon said “To obtain the best results, we believe it is critical to work very closely with our clients so we have a full understanding of their processing parameters. All ingredients that we use are screened against existing and anticipated legislation, as well as consumer preferences. Snowbird is just the sort of customer that we work with most successfully, as we have always sought out companies that share our view of generating sales through high standards of quality and service.”

Over a period of just 18 months, Snowbird was honoured in the following awards using Unbar Rothon flavours:
Food Processing Awards (2009 & 2010)
Café Society Awards 2010
British Frozen Food Federation Awards 2009
BPex (2009 & 2010)
California Raisins (2009 & 2010)
British Turkey Federation Awards 2009