Butchers pride premiu

Premium quality Butchers Pride seasoning’s and marinades have made a big impact on the butchery business since their launch, by Unbar Rothon, in the autumn, with Q Guild members amongst those snapping up the product.

Marinades have proved the fastest sellers with T T BBQ and Chinese Emperor the most popular. Other flavours, like Indian Summer, Piri Piri Fusion, Muay Thai and The Mint, are also attracting repeat purchases.

Unbar Rothon’s general manager, Richard Rothon (pictured), demonstrated the products at a recent Q Guild meeting and the company is programming further demonstrations at future Q Guild get together.

Developed by Unbar Rothon, a multi generation British family business with nearly 100 years’ experience in the seasonings sector, the products are presented in see-through plastic jars which generate attractive in-store displays.

Specially developed for beef, pork and lamb burgers and for sausages, the products are also available in batch packs and pails. At the Guild meeting Mr Rothon demonstrated how butchers could use the products to add theatre to the in-store experience whilst describing the quality and exclusivity of the products.

It was the quality of the products that attracted leading Smithfield Market trader, Thomas Ford and Vicquip, of Co. Dublin, to list the products for sale to butchers, thus expanding the list of wholesalers from whom the products are available.