Breakthrough bulking

International interest has been attracted by seasonings specialists Unbar Rothon with the launch of a new recipe technique which delivers a consistent free-flow mix that will not “cake”. Known as Seasoning Optimisation Technique, it is attracting interest from European bean canners and processors of cook in sauces, soups, meat and other products.

“This formulation technique doesn’t affect the functionality of seasonings as it has no impact on the flavours and there is no change in the texture,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon. Particularly beneficial when used with susceptible seasonings containing ingredients like onion or garlic, it creates less bulky seasonings than those it replaces and generates less dust, in doing so improving factory environments. It is also significantly lighter, thus generating a further benefit for companies transporting large loads. Unbar Rothon, a third-generation Billericay (Essex) based company, has spent months perfecting the new product after years of development.

“There has been a lot of interest from Mediterranean countries and our hope is British food processors will also pick up this breakthrough additive and be amongst the first to improve theirproducts,” said Mr. Rothon.