Blimey! It’s chilli

Unbar Rothon has added a new seasoning to its fast growing Butchers Pride range and a prize for naming it has gone to a retired butcher who, decades ago, was feted as the 100th member to join the prestigious Q Guild.

Along with Eastern Region members of the organisation, Robert Munt was invited to sample the new chilli flavour, found it surprisingly sparky and uttered the immortal words: Cor Blimey.

Thus was born the name for the new seasoning – “Chilli Cor Blimey” – which has entered Unbar Rothon’s Pride range for butchers and also attracted attention from sausage and burger manufacturers.

Mr. Munt was born above his father’s butchers shop in Grays, Essex and weighed in on the shop scales. Having made his first sausage as a ten year old Saturday boy he later qualified as an M.Inst.M after two years at London’s Smithfield College and joined his father in the family business, which included two Q Guild shops.

Now, though officially retired, he enjoys the occasional shop experience as a holiday relief in addition to helping manage a free range herd of Little Black Angus cattle. His first contact with Unbar Rothon, now a third generation flavours house, came when he sought help to consistently produce a successful sausage seasoning first created by his father.

“It has been astonishing how they managed to reproduce it exactly every time which was something we rarely managed,” said Mr. Munt.

Even now, he orders a batch every year and it is used to manufacture sausages which he gives away to friends and relatives. Unbar Rothon’s director, Richard Rothon, who attended the Q Guild meeting at which the naming ceremony took place, said that, from a long list of interesting ideas “Cor Blimey” was much the best.

“It fires the imagination into thinking of the sweet heat of the chilli,” he added.