Allergen laws

Third generation flavours house Unbar Rothon is making it easy for butchers, manufacturers and caterers to stay on the right side when a new law is introduced later this year. December 13th has been set as the date when all unpackaged food will have to carry detailed allergy information and the Food Standards Authority has issued guidance notes in a document entitled “Allergen Information for Loose Foods”.

Anticipating the move, Unbar Rothon, the Billericay, Essex-based flavours supplier, has moved in advance to publish all the necessary information relating to its products.

“All the facts our customers will need are now incorporated within our specification documents so users will be able to see at a glance exactly what is involved,” said Unbar general manager, Richard Rothon.

This work has already been undertaken in connection with two new flavours which have been added to the fast-growing Butchers Pride range of products – Chilli Cor Blimey and Sticky Rib Marinade.

The latter, a dry powder, can be used as a direct glaze or, when hydrated, as a wet marinade. In addition to generating flavour, it adds weight to finished products like chicken, beef and pork ribs.