Lean blending a time

An innovative new service for food processors and other users of seasonings, including butchers and bakers, has been launched by Unbar Rothon. Called Lean Blending, it has been created by the third generation, Essex-based flavours house to cut administration, labour and storage costs for customers whilst guaranteeing food safety.

Unbar Rothon uses its purchasing muscle to deliver keen prices and manages stock levels to avoid shelf life expiry and waste issues for users of many slower-moving or minor ingredients.

The company mixes the precise blend required and delivers in individual batch packs (anything between 100g and 25 kilos) to the end user, thus minimising the use of space and operational costs such as storing, picking and weighing a multiplicity of minor ingredients is rendered unnecessary.

A big attraction for end users in a selective test market was the peace of mind generated by Unbar Rothon’s shouldering of the responsibility for food safety, legality and quality issues through its assessment of all raw materials used and by its worldwide early-warning problem scanning service.

Customers also appreciated the reduction in administration generated as a result of an order for a single, pre-blended product replacing multiple orders for a lot of minor ingredients.

“We have streamlined processes for customers so they no longer have to blend their own seasonings. That reduces the dangers of cross contamination and our batch packaging service is a further benefit that reduces the associated risks even further,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard

A trump card for the company proved to be its quality guarantee which is based in part on a refusal to spot buy in favour of consistently sourcing from regular suppliers who understand the company’s requirement for reliable, consistent, top quality products.

Breakthrough bulking

International interest has been attracted by seasonings specialists Unbar Rothon with the launch of a new recipe technique which delivers a consistent free-flow mix that will not “cake”. Known as Seasoning Optimisation Technique, it is attracting interest from European bean canners and processors of cook in sauces, soups, meat and other products.

“This formulation technique doesn’t affect the functionality of seasonings as it has no impact on the flavours and there is no change in the texture,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon. Particularly beneficial when used with susceptible seasonings containing ingredients like onion or garlic, it creates less bulky seasonings than those it replaces and generates less dust, in doing so improving factory environments. It is also significantly lighter, thus generating a further benefit for companies transporting large loads. Unbar Rothon, a third-generation Billericay (Essex) based company, has spent months perfecting the new product after years of development.

“There has been a lot of interest from Mediterranean countries and our hope is British food processors will also pick up this breakthrough additive and be amongst the first to improve theirproducts,” said Mr. Rothon.

Allergens in cumin

A number of product recalls in both America and Canada have been linked to adulterated ground cumin which contains the potentially life-threatening allergens ground peanut and almond powders. In the UK a warning has been issued that the adulterant ingredient would present a serious health risk to people sensitive or allergic to the nuts.

It is believed the contaminated cumin is of Indian origin which was routed through Turkey on its way to America and, possibly, European markets. Reacting quickly, third generation UK flavours house Unbar Rothon immediately checked with its supplier who confirmed there was neither peanut nor almond in the cumin it supplied.

The supplier, who is BRC accredited, has been used by Unbar Rothon for many years without any reported incidences of allergen cross contamination. It procures cumin from farmers in the desert state of Rajasthan in an area where no peanuts are grown and it does not handle peanuts. Its processes are limited to cleaning and grinding the cumin.

Recognising that there could be a temptation to indulge in food fraud due to shortages and in a further move to assure its customers, Unbar Rothon, the Billericay, Essex-based company, despatched samples of its cumin for challenge testing at an independent UK laboratory.

“Happily, the challenge testing was able to confirm our findings that we have a clean bill of health – there is no contamination in our cumin,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon.

Unbar curries flavours

A major expansion of its hugely successful Butchers Pride range of premium quality seasoning’s and marinades has been unveiled by Unbar Rothon. Joining Chilli Cor Blimey, Indian Summer, Piri Piri and others is an exciting selection of six new sausage seasonings, plus four more which are certain to add an additional dimension to the stuffings sector.

Attracting particular attention in a qualitative test market were both Pork & Toffee Apple and Pork Curry with Mango Chutney. The former enjoys the bitter sweet taste of toffee carefully balanced with cinnamon whilst the latter has warming spices and tangy mango chutney.

The other new sausage seasoning’s are Pork & Apple; Leek & Chilli; Spicy Apple & Black Pudding; Parsnip Honey & Thyme; and Smokey Garlic & Thyme, the last two being suitable for vegetarians.

Certain to drive volume sales in the stuffing’s sector are four new seasoning’s – Orange & Cranberry, Leek & Black Pepper, Red Pepper & Shallot and a classic Sage & Onion. Unit weights vary according to the recipes but all are designed to enable butchers to prepare 10lb. or 10 kilo batches of product.

“These flavours are designed to enable butchers to widen the choice of products available beyond our award-winning, day-to-day classic flavours, all of which we continue to have available,”said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon.

Blimey! It’s chilli

Unbar Rothon has added a new seasoning to its fast growing Butchers Pride range and a prize for naming it has gone to a retired butcher who, decades ago, was feted as the 100th member to join the prestigious Q Guild.

Along with Eastern Region members of the organisation, Robert Munt was invited to sample the new chilli flavour, found it surprisingly sparky and uttered the immortal words: Cor Blimey.

Thus was born the name for the new seasoning – “Chilli Cor Blimey” – which has entered Unbar Rothon’s Pride range for butchers and also attracted attention from sausage and burger manufacturers.

Mr. Munt was born above his father’s butchers shop in Grays, Essex and weighed in on the shop scales. Having made his first sausage as a ten year old Saturday boy he later qualified as an M.Inst.M after two years at London’s Smithfield College and joined his father in the family business, which included two Q Guild shops.

Now, though officially retired, he enjoys the occasional shop experience as a holiday relief in addition to helping manage a free range herd of Little Black Angus cattle. His first contact with Unbar Rothon, now a third generation flavours house, came when he sought help to consistently produce a successful sausage seasoning first created by his father.

“It has been astonishing how they managed to reproduce it exactly every time which was something we rarely managed,” said Mr. Munt.

Even now, he orders a batch every year and it is used to manufacture sausages which he gives away to friends and relatives. Unbar Rothon’s director, Richard Rothon, who attended the Q Guild meeting at which the naming ceremony took place, said that, from a long list of interesting ideas “Cor Blimey” was much the best.

“It fires the imagination into thinking of the sweet heat of the chilli,” he added.

Allergen laws

Third generation flavours house Unbar Rothon is making it easy for butchers, manufacturers and caterers to stay on the right side when a new law is introduced later this year. December 13th has been set as the date when all unpackaged food will have to carry detailed allergy information and the Food Standards Authority has issued guidance notes in a document entitled “Allergen Information for Loose Foods”.

Anticipating the move, Unbar Rothon, the Billericay, Essex-based flavours supplier, has moved in advance to publish all the necessary information relating to its products.

“All the facts our customers will need are now incorporated within our specification documents so users will be able to see at a glance exactly what is involved,” said Unbar general manager, Richard Rothon.

This work has already been undertaken in connection with two new flavours which have been added to the fast-growing Butchers Pride range of products – Chilli Cor Blimey and Sticky Rib Marinade.

The latter, a dry powder, can be used as a direct glaze or, when hydrated, as a wet marinade. In addition to generating flavour, it adds weight to finished products like chicken, beef and pork ribs.

Sausages sucesses with premium seasonings

One of the UK’s leading flavours houses has helped three sausage makers to achieve success in annual competitions. Serial winners Solent Butchers collected a Magnificent Seven BPex awards after collaborating with Essex-based family seasoning’s company Unbar Rothon on an expanded range of sausages.

Three of the awards were gold – for the best innovative sausage and for both speciality and traditional pork sausages. Silver certificates went to two healthy eating pork sausages and for traditional Cumberland and Lincolnshire sausages.

Further joint development is now taking place, based on Unbar’s new premium Butchers Pride range of seasonings, as Portsmouth-based Solent seeks to produce even better bangers.

Managing director Mark Cristofoli said his company’s five years association with Unbar had helped Solent expand its business with quality products in both the profit and cost sectors of food service.

“Unbar has helped us give our customers what they want and in doing so we have developed unique sausages which are our own,” he said.

Principally in the BPex competitions, the flavours house saw one of its leading manufacturing customers collect seven awards – four of them gold.

Unbar general manager Richard Rothon has also celebrated the success of another customer in winning “Britain’s Best Sausage” competition.

Quality flavourings launched

An exciting new selection of premium quality seasonings and marinades, targeted exclusively at top end butchers for their own use, has been launched by one of the UK’s leading flavouring Called Butchers Pride, it has been developed over months and widely tested and is skilfully crafted by Unbar Rothon, a multi generation British family business which has been manufacturingfood ingredients in the UK for nearly 100 years.

Presented in see-through plastic jars, the bright colours of the mixes make for attractive in-store displays. The seasonings are also batch packed in plastic bags – with or without rusk – and in buckets.

Early test market reports suggest the marinades will be the fastest sellers with Chinese Emperor and BBQ the most popular. Other flavours are: India Summer, Piri Piri, Muay Thai and The specially developed seasonings have been produced for beef, pork and lamb burgers and the gourmet beef variant features a balance of onion and leek whilst the pork flavouring includes Granny Smith apple.

Four sausage flavours complete the range. They are Lincolnshire Poacher, Cumberland Gamekeeper, Pepper Pinch and Signature Sausage. Lincolnshire and Cumberland have to-date proved most popular with customers and all four have generated repeat business.

Quality flavourings – 2

“Both the marinades and the seasonings give butchers a chance to add theatre to their customers in-store experience because the products can be demonstrated whilst customers watch and their quality and exclusivity explained at the same time,” said Richard Rothon, general manager of Unbar Rothon.

The company has expanded into the top quality butchers’ market after one of its manufacturing customers won 16 quality and innovation awards for fully cooked sausages and meat balls in three years whilst exclusively using Unbar Rothon seasonings.

The new products will be sold through independent wholesalers and to-date two have been appointed – Alderson Ingredients in Buckinghamshire and Foodpac Technology in Suffolk. More are required.

Butchers pride premium

Premium quality Butchers Pride seasoning’s and marinades have made a big impact on the butchery business since their launch, by Unbar Rothon, in the autumn, with Q Guild members amongst those snapping up the product.

Marinades have proved the fastest sellers with T T BBQ and Chinese Emperor the most popular. Other flavours, like Indian Summer, Piri Piri Fusion, Muay Thai and The Mint, are also attracting repeat purchases.

Unbar Rothon’s general manager, Richard Rothon (pictured), demonstrated the products at a recent Q Guild meeting and the company is programming further demonstrations at future Q Guild get together.

Developed by Unbar Rothon, a multi generation British family business with nearly 100 years’ experience in the seasonings sector, the products are presented in see-through plastic jars which generate attractive in-store displays.

Specially developed for beef, pork and lamb burgers and for sausages, the products are also available in batch packs and pails. At the Guild meeting Mr Rothon demonstrated how butchers could use the products to add theatre to the in-store experience whilst describing the quality and exclusivity of the products.

It was the quality of the products that attracted leading Smithfield Market trader, Thomas Ford and Vicquip, of Co. Dublin, to list the products for sale to butchers, thus expanding the list of wholesalers from whom the products are available.