About Us

Past & Present

The company was originally founded in 1921 as ‘Underwood & Barker’, supplying in the ‘UNBAR’ brand name. Felix Rothon purchased the company in 1948 and moved the operation to Billericay in Essex. The company focussed on serving the food industry, building a considerable knowledge in the formulation and application of ingredient systems for any food product.

The company was renamed in 1976 to Unbar Rothon by combining the “Unbar” brand with the family name ‘Rothon’. Our sister company, World of Spice was launched to supply the food service sector with the finest quality products.

Today, Unbar Rothon is directed and managed by the next generations, with support from a dedicated team of sales, manufacturing, quality and development personnel. Together we continue a proud tradition of delivering ‘Quality and Economy’ for our customers.

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