A Century Years of Seasonings and Marinade

Unbar Rothon, one of the UK’s leading seasonings and marinades suppliers, is celebrating its century as a successful manufacturer and exporter and for more than seventy of those years it has been owned and run by the same family.

It was established in London in 1920’s and in 1948 Mr. Felix Rothon (later to be awarded an MBE) moved its headquarters to Billericay in Essex.

Over time Unbar Rothon became internationally recognised as a leader in the business of supplying high quality seasonings and marinades to food manufacturers, caterers and butchers, with Mr. Felix Rothon’s sons, Patrick and William, joining him on the board.

Now, with two members of the next generation, Richard and Matthew, also directors, the company is leading the market sectors it serves with new seasonings and services, including the innovative Lean Blending Service.

This generates the precise blends required and delivers individual packs (anything between 100g and 25 kilos) to the customer, thus minimising the use of storage space. Operational costs, including storing, picking, weighing and blending a multiplicity of minor ingredients are also avoided.

A big attraction is the peace of mind generated by Unbar Rothon’s taking responsibility for food safety, legality and quality issues through its assessment of all raw materials used and by its worldwide early-warning problem scanning service.

The company has streamlined the process so customers no longer have to blend their own seasonings. That reduces the dangers of cross contamination and our batch packing service is a further benefit that reduces the associated risks even further.

Unbar Rothon celebrated the anniversary with newcomers to its workforce joining others who have given decades of service to the company – and announced plans to further expand the team to efficiently handle growing business.

Throughout its history Unbar Rothon has reacted (and often driven) change within the industry and in doing so has enhanced its sector leading position.