Lean blending a time

[:en]An innovative new service for food processors and other users of seasonings, including butchers and bakers, has been launched by Unbar Rothon. Called Lean Blending, it has been created by the third generation, Essex-based flavours house to... Continue Reading

Breakthrough bulking

International interest has been attracted by seasonings specialists Unbar Rothon with the launch of a new recipe technique which delivers a consistent free-flow mix that will not “cake”. Known as Seasoning Optimisation Technique, it is... Continue Reading

Allergens in cumin

A number of product recalls in both America and Canada have been linked to adulterated ground cumin which contains the potentially life-threatening allergens ground peanut and almond powders. In the UK a warning has been issued that the... Continue Reading

Unbar curries flavours

A major expansion of its hugely successful Butchers Pride range of premium quality seasoning's and marinades has been unveiled by Unbar Rothon. Joining Chilli Cor Blimey, Indian Summer, Piri Piri and others is an exciting selection of six new... Continue Reading

Blimey! It’s chilli

Unbar Rothon has added a new seasoning to its fast growing Butchers Pride range and a prize for naming it has gone to a retired butcher who, decades ago, was feted as the 100th member to join the prestigious Q Guild. Along with Eastern Region... Continue Reading

Allergen laws

Third generation flavours house Unbar Rothon is making it easy for butchers, manufacturers and caterers to stay on the right side when a new law is introduced later this year. December 13th has been set as the date when all unpackaged food will... Continue Reading

Quality flavourings launched

An exciting new selection of premium quality seasonings and marinades, targeted exclusively at top end butchers for their own use, has been launched by one of the UK’s leading flavouring Called Butchers Pride, it has been developed over months... Continue Reading