Canned Products

We import and process hundreds of quality ingredients from around the world. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to simplify the overwhelming choice of ingredients. Many of our ingredients can be viewed using the above drop down lists to select from your food sector or ingredient category.


Offriamo soluzioni flessibili e adatte a ogni esigenza per ciò che concerne i materiali e il peso delle confezioni, nonché i tempi di consegna.

Gli ingredienti di Unbar Rothon vengono prodotti e forniti dalla nostra sede accreditata nell’Essex, vicino a Londra.

Unbar Rothon effettua spedizioni in tutto il Regno Unito, e impiega i propri mezzi di trasporto per consegne a clienti locali con sede a Londra, nell’East Anglia e nel Sud-Est dell’Inghilterra.  Esportiamo inoltre a livello internazionale in Europa, in Asia, in Africa e nelle Americhe.

Le spezie sono fornite in conformità con le certificazioni rilasciate da BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, incluso l’HACCP, e lo standard di qualità BSI ISO 9001 per i sistemi di gestione.  Le spezie biologiche certificate sono disponibili sotto licenza della Soil Association.  Sono inoltre disponibili spezie Kosher certificate. Le spezie che lo richiedono sono conformi alla certificazione VALID IT per le spezie.

Ecco un elenco di spezie che potrebbero interessarvi. Per ulteriori dettagli e per discutere le vostre particolari esigenze, vi invitiamo a contattare il nostro team di vendita.

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    Alternatives to Chardex Smoke Powder from Red Arrow

    Alternatives to Red Arrow Smoke Flavours, including the Chardex Smoke Powder are available.  Contact our sales team for more information.

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    Anti-Listeria Agent for Food and Food Contact Surfaces

    Anti Listeria Agent is a specialist extract from smoke with anti micribial and anti bacterial effects, particularly against Listeria. This can be used in a food environment in contact with foodstuff on packaging, food prior to packaging or food contact surfaces such as rotary blades, where listeria can grow. 

  • Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Seasoning

    Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Seasoning

  • BBQ Sauce Seasoning

    A range of BBQ sauce seasonings are availble with varying amounts of smoke bitterness, aroma, sweetness, spiciness, heat and so on.  We can include any functional ingredients to the seasoning to offer a single seasoning that contains all the dried ingredient components one product, and therefore one addition.

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    Buffered Liquid Smoke Extract

    Buffered Liquid Smoke Extract, are pH buffered to controll the acidity for use in pH sensitive products such as brines, emulsions or casings. These smokes used in solutions containing nitrite, do not cause any loss of the nitrite.

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    Chinese Five Spice | Sweet and Sour | Garlic

    Oriental flavours such as Chinese Five Spice, Garlic, or Sweet and Sour are manufactured onsite.

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    Concentrated Liquid Smoke Extract

    Concentrated Liquid Smoke Extract is a more concentrated form of liquid smoke. The process of concentration results in faster and stronger staining power and a more mellow smoke flavour. These smokes are designed for use in atomised applications or other high colour needs.

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    Indian Cooking Sauce Seasonings

    Balti Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Bhuna Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Dhansak Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Dopiaza Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Korma Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Madras Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Rogan Josh Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce Seasoning

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    Indian Spices | Garam Masala | Tikka | Curry | Tandoori | Chilli

    We manufacture a range of Indian style products, using Indian ingredients, with the quality assurances of our stringent testing regime.

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    Italian Cooking Sauce Seasonings

    Bolognese Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Tomato & Basil Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Tomato & Vegetable Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Tomato & Chilli Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Tomato & Garlic Cooking Sauce Seasoning
    Tomato & Mushroom Cooking Sauce Seasoning