Savoury Snack Products


Pour répondre à vos besoins, nous adaptons nos matériaux d’emballage, nos conditionnements et les délais de livraison.

Les ingrédients d’Unbar Rothon sont fournis et fabriqués dans nos installations agréées dans l’Essex, non loin de Londres.

Nos ingrédients sont disponibles dans tout le Royaume-Uni et livrés par nos propres véhicules à nos clients locaux de Londres, d’Est-Anglie et du Sud-Est.  Nous exportons également nos produits vers l’Europe, l’Asie, l’Afrique et l’Amérique.

Les épices sont proposées conformément à la norme mondiale BRC pour la sécurité alimentaire, notamment les principes de l’HACCP et la norme BSI ISO 9001 relative aux systèmes de gestion de la qualité.  Les épices certifiées biologiques sont disponibles sous licence de la Soil Association.  Nous proposons également des épices certifiées kasher. Les épices concernées sont couvertes par le système « VALID IT » destiné aux épices.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste d’épices disponibles. Veuillez contacter notre équipe de vente pour en savoir plus et discuter de vos besoins précis en termes d’arômes.

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    Alternatives to Chardex Smoke Powder from Red Arrow

    Alternatives to Red Arrow Smoke Flavours, including the Chardex Smoke Powder are available.  Contact our sales team for more information.

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    Anti-Listeria Agent for Food and Food Contact Surfaces

    Anti Listeria Agent is a specialist extract from smoke with anti micribial and anti bacterial effects, particularly against Listeria. This can be used in a food environment in contact with foodstuff on packaging, food prior to packaging or food contact surfaces such as rotary blades, where listeria can grow. 

  • BBQ Sauce Seasoning

    A range of BBQ sauce seasonings are availble with varying amounts of smoke bitterness, aroma, sweetness, spiciness, heat and so on.  We can include any functional ingredients to the seasoning to offer a single seasoning that contains all the dried ingredient components one product, and therefore one addition.

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    Buffered Liquid Smoke Extract

    Buffered Liquid Smoke Extract, are pH buffered to controll the acidity for use in pH sensitive products such as brines, emulsions or casings. These smokes used in solutions containing nitrite, do not cause any loss of the nitrite.

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    Indian Spices | Garam Masala | Tikka | Curry | Tandoori | Chilli

    We manufacture a range of Indian style products, using Indian ingredients, with the quality assurances of our stringent testing regime.

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    Italian Herbs | Mixed Herbs | Herbs de Provence

     Italian Herbs | Mixed Herbs | Herbs de Provence

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    Liquid Smoke Extract for Atomisation

    Liquid Smoke Extract for Atomisation, is used in specialised smoking chambers where an aqueous primary liquid smoke is atomised.  The atomisation process creates a ‘smoke’ that imparts colour, flavour and texture in the same manner as conventional smokes in a controlled, safe process.  Atomisation of smoke does not require a fire source, and can significantly reduce insurance premiums when compared to conventional smoking.  A variety of products can be smoked this way including meats, seafood, poultry, cheese and sauces.  Liquid smokes are available in a range of strengths and flavour profiles to match your specific product needs.

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    Liquid Smoke Flavour Extract for Direct Addition

    Liquid Smoke Flavour Extract for Direct Addition, can be used at low levels with straight addition into a food product to produce a stable smoke flavour. A variety of products can be smoked this way including BBQ sauces, meats, seafood, poultry, cheese and sauces. Liquid smokes are available in a range of strengths and flavour profiles to match your specific product needs.

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    Marinades | Easy-Marinade

    Buying a ready made Marinade can be expensive, difficult to store and wasteful.

    Using the Easy-Glaze method you buy a powder pre-mix, simply add water, a dash of oil and off you go!

    Only make up the marinade you need for next few days, the powder keeps for a long time, without using up chiller space.

    All the ingredients are natural, so there are no nasties to worry about!

    Our opening range includes:
    Green Thai
    Garden Mint
    Mild BBQ
    Contact Matthew Sorrell in sales for further details, formats are available for manufacturers, sundries man, and direct to butchers.

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    Meatball Seasoning | Faggot Seasoning

    Available as complete mix seasonings or straight seasonings.
    Unbar brand meatball seasonings and faggot seasonings are available in a number of flavour variants including:

    Traditional Meatball Seasoning
    Traditional Faggot Seasoning
    Italian Meatball Seasoning
    Swedish Meatball Seasoning
    Turkey Meatball Seasoning
    Cranberry Meatball Seasoning
    BBQ Meatball Seasoning
    Chilli Meatball Seasoning